Golden Buddha Beach

The longest beach on the island stretches 10km from Golden Buddha Resort in the north to the channel to Koh Kho Khao in the south

Phra Thong Bay

Walking north along Golden Buddha Bay with tropical waters lapping the shore on a typically sunny day. The Koh Pling islands can be seen in the middle of the image.

Koh Pling Beach

Sunset view looking south west from the beach at Mr.Chuoi's. The smaller Koh Pling island can be seen to the mid-right of the image

Koh Ra View Beach

A 2km+ stretch of beach which runs from Mr.Chuoi's in the south up to the channel between Koh Phra Thong and Koh Ra in the north.

The southwest tip of Koh Ra can be seen in this image.

Golden Buddha Beach

Golden Buddha Beach stretches from the south-west tip of Koh Phra Thong (near the village of Thung Dap), all the way up to Golden Buddha Beach Resort, which is situated close to the centre of the west coast. This sandy beach is more than 10km long and absolutely deserted for its entire length.

Exclusive Tropical Beach

The beach is lined with trees and tropical flowers. There is not a single resort disturbing the tree line until you reach Golden Buddha resort, which has been tastefully designed to compliment the surrounding nature.

The beach faces the Andaman Sea to the west. During peak season the tropical waters are quite flat. At the fringes of the season the waves can pick up as the day wears on. Golden Buddha Beach ends at Hornbill Hill.

Phra Thong Bay

The northern part of Golden Buddha Beach Resort is fortunate enough to have a region which has beautiful beaches facing both east and the west. This region is the home of Hornbill Hill and the Golden Buddha yoga sala.

The eastern side is where Golden Buddha Bay starts. The broad sandy beach arcs round a tropical bay where the water is completely sheltered from the open sea.

Koh Pling - Local Dive Sites

In this bay are the two Koh Pling islands. They assist in breaking up any waves coming in from the outside, keeping the bay interior calm and protected. Local dive sites are located around the Koh Pling islands.

Both Horizon Beach Resort and Blue Guru Diving are situated towards the centre of Phra Thong Bay - one of the best beach locations on the entire island.

Koh Phra Thong Accommodation

  • thailand eco resort

    Moken Eco Resort

    Moken Eco Resort, a new arrival in December 2015, now enters its first full season.

    The resort has high quality housing and a genuine eco ethic. Solar power is used across the resort and in the rooms to supply electric and hot water.

    Stnadard room price start from 3,000 Bt per night including breakfast for 2 pax. A range of enticing promotions are available for booking through us.

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  • thailand beach bungalow

    Horizon Beach Resort

    Attractive beach bungalows nestled in lush gardens just on the edge of Phra Thong Bay. All rooms have a private bathroom, balcony and electrical access.

    The restaurant serves fine Thai cuisine and western favourites at great prices and is a great place to enjoy a beer watching the sunset over Hornbill Hill.

    Try this friendly resort on Koh Phra Thong's finest beach.

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  • thailand beach huts

    Mr.Chuoi's Huts & Bar

    Classic Thai beach huts away from the madding crowds. Mr.Chuoi's is one of the few places in Thailand where you can enjoy exclusive beaches at great prices.The food is excellent and is accommpanied by Mr.Chuoi's legendary hospitality.

    Mr.Chuoi's huts are priced from 500Bt per night

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  • thailand beach resort

    Golden Buddha Beach Resort

    Golden Buddha Beach Resort regarded as the high end resort on Koh Phra Thong. They offer a selection of beautifully designed homes constructed with a high regard for the local natural surroundings. Each unique house benefits from its own large plot of land.

    Prices range from 1,350Bt (annexed accommodation) to 17,000Bt per night.

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Beaches at Koh Pling

Koh Pling Yai and Koh Pling Noi are the two small tropical islands located in Golden Buddha Bay. The Pling islands are separated by a coral lined channel which serves as a home for a multitude of other marine life.

The islands themselves are laden with lush tropical vegetation. Each one has a an inland facing beach, sheltered from the Andman sea. Both beaches are quite small yet stunning and provide a great place to relax in the sun.

Swimming, snorkeling & diving

Good swimmers can happily swim across to the tropical island beach at Koh Pling where they can enjoy some interesting snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Just off the beaches at Koh Pling you can enjoy the tropical warm waters of Golden Buddha Bay. The islands completely shelter this area from the open sea so that it is clear, calm and inviting.

Koh Ra View Beach

Mr.Chuoi's is towards the end of Golden Buddha Bay. It is just after this that Golden Buddha Bay morphs into Koh Ra View Beach. It is named as such because as you head north on this 3km stretch the mountainous rain forests of Koh Ra come into clear view.

Koh Ra View Beach is another delightful beach. It is especially broad and flat and makes for a relaxing walk towards Koh Wah's camping place at the north tip or towards Mr.Chuoi's and Golden Buddha Beach Resort to the south.

Koh Wah's Camping Area

At the north west tip of Koh Phra Thong is Koh Wah's camping area. This used to be a fully functional resort but Koh Wah decided to close when his family wanted to be on the mainland.

However, the beach here is spectacular - broad with white sand, with shallow water going a long way out. Surf rolls in from the sea allowing boogie boarding or body surfing fun.