Tawan Bar & Bungalows

Tawan Bar and Bungalows sits directly on the sand facing the Andaman Sea and surrounding islands. Consisting of 3 tents, 2 wooden bungalows professionally built by Pi Sak himself and a full service restuarant/bar, it is ideal for both budget backpackers looking for paradise and couples seeking a relaxing get-away.

The tents are the cheapest option on the island for accommodation and are simply tents (2.5m x 2.5m) with a futon sitting on a pagoda which provides a porch like area and protection from the sun. It is a true beach camping experience.

The resort is run by Pi Sak who speaks decent English and is consistently a fantastic host. With his extensive knowledge of the island and local areas he can also provided trekking, fishing, kayaking, snorkeling and savannah tours that are a great way to exploring this little gem of an island.

The fabled best massage on the island is also here and is done by Pi Wan who has 20+ years experience and was trained at Wat Pho in Bangkok. She is also the chef and provides a delicious and authentic Thai cusine.


Tent: 300Bt per night

Small Bungalow: 800Bt per night

Large Bungalow: 1,500Bt per night

Open all year round

Rates are for 2 people - tent & small bungalow, 4 people - large bungalow.

Tawan Bar & Bungalows - Details

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    House Construction

    The bungalows are crafted from locally sourced wood and include a full bathroom with western toilet and have a beautiful front porch for enjoying the surrounding beauty.

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    House Interior

    P Sak is a skilled carpenter. His care and attention to detail is clearly evident in the beach bungalows at Tawan.

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    Restaurant & Bar

    Tawan Bar is the most chilled out place on the island and since Koh Phra Thong is one of the most peaceful islands in Thailand....

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    Superb massages at good prices means Tawan is often fully booked. Worth remembering that preference is given to guests at the resort.

Travel advice for Tawan Bar & Bungalows

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    Please familiarise yourself with the area through our local transport and international transport pages. The Koh Phra Thong beaches page provides guidance on the west coast of the island.

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    On booking Tawan Bar & Bungalow we will add transfers from Khuraburi town to the pier and the boat onwards to Koh Phra Thong. For full information on why we do this please read our travel notes.

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    There are three different entry points to the island depending on tide & time of year. These are Ta Pae Yoi, Baan Lions and Phra Thong Bay. Optimal transfers can be arranged where guests provide travel details in a timely fashion.

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    Once on Koh Phra Thong, we will arrange transfers from your arrival point to Tawan Bar & Bungalows. Pricing of internal transfers is not affected by the arrival point but does vary between resorts. Please check your invoice for details.

Tawan Bar & Bungalows - Location