• Transportation Form

Important - please note

* The 'Arrival point' is the place from which your service with us starts. E.g. if you arrive into Phuket Airport and then catch the bus to Khuraburi, your arrival point would be Khuraburi Town (bus station). The details of your arrival point will be outlined in your invoice. Reconfirming with the transport form should eliminate any misunderstandings during the final stages of the booking process.

* The 'Departure point' is the place at which your service with us finishes. E.g. if you have just completed a multiday trip and staying one night in Boon Piya Resort before traveling onwards by public transport then your 'Departure Point' would be Boon Piya Resort.

* The 'Departure date & time' is when you would like to arrive at your 'Departure point'. E.g. if you are booking a taxi with us to Phuket Airport to catch an International flight at 15.10 then your 'Departure date & time' would be 12.10 (3 hours before your flight departure)

* The latest time for your longtail boat from Khuraburi pier to Koh Phra Thong is 4.30 pm. If you have arranged taxi transfer with us then the latest time of arrival to the following arrival points are as follows:

Phuket Airport : 1.30pm
Phuket Town : 1pm
Ranong Airport : 2pm
Khuraburi Town : 4pm
Khao Sok : 3pm
Surat Thani : 12.30 pm
Other: Please contact us

* If you may arrive after the times above, please contact us immediately so that we can amend your booking. The normal solution is to spend a night at Boon Piya Resort and depart for Koh Phra Thong the following morning. We can arrange this for you.

* If you are traveling to Khuraburi by bus or by an external taxi provider then you must provide plenty of time to allow arrival in Khuraburi well before 4pm for timely boat transfer.

* If we are arranging transfer for you from Phuket Airport, please fill in the 'arrival flight no.' and point of embarkation. The arrival time of your plane should be included in the 'Arrival date & time' field. Our driver will meet you in the air-conditioned arrivals section of your appropriate arrival terminal i.e. International or Domestic

* If you are not yet sure of your arrival time to your arrival point, please fill in your estimated time to your arrival point. Please let us know at least a week before arrival if your arrival details have changed. If your arrival details change within the week before your arrival, please also let us know but note that delays may occur because Khuraburi and Koh Phra Thong are 'off the beaten track' destinations.

* If you arrive more than half an hour late at your arrival point, we cannot be held responsible for difficulties caused to your transfer chain and additional charges may need to be applied to transfer you to your destination. If arrival transfer delays occur with our services, we will arrange onward transfers at no extra cost to you.

* For guests departing from Phuket Airport we advise that you request departure from Koh Phra Thong 7 hours before an international flight departure time (to allow 3 hours at the airport) or 6 hours before a domestic flight departure time (to allow 2 hours at the airport). If this would mean leaving Koh Phra Thong before 7am, please contact us immediately so that we can amend your booking. The normal solution is to leave Koh Phra Thong in the afternoon on the day before your flight departure and to stay a night at Boon Piya Resort or Phuket Airport Hotel.

* We strongly advise that you bring a mobile/cellular phone and let us know your number in advance of your arrival. Local Sims for unlocked phones are readily available at many small shops in Thailand and call charges are very low – even for international calls.